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Perennial Garden

ROSARIUM 09On a summer evening you can hardly find a spare bench in the Perennial Garden. No wonder. Hear the blackbirds singing, admire the colours and shapes of the blooming flowers and you will understand why people love this place so much. The garden of perennials was established in 1961 in order to reduce the cost of planting perennials elsewhere in the park, mainly on the numerous flower-beds.

Even nowadays the garden makes the Silesia Park self-efficient on supplying the perennial plants. In the late 70-ties the park gardeners prepared a collection of almost 200 kinds of perennials which were displayed during the International Flower Exhibition. The perennial garden is one of our visitor's favourite places. Those looking for pleasant silence in a picturesque scenery like to seat here to enjoy peace and quiet. The garden is almost entirely isolated from the park's main alleys by a row of trees and shrubs. Between April and August there is always something blooming in the garden.

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