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“Kapelusz” (The Hat) Exhibition Hall

PARK 0311This avant-garde work of the well known partnership of architect Jerzy Gottfried and constructor Włodzimierz Feiferek was completed in 1968. The hat-like exhibition hall is one of the most distinctive architectural structures in Silesia Park. The construction method of the hall with its oval-shaped floor measuring 2 200m2 in surface area (70 x 42m and 15m high) was been patented. It has an extensive supporting beam and the two arches on its outside hold taut the cables of the roof and the entire structure has dual supports which safeguard the construction against ground movement resulting from mining damages.PARK 0008

Currently, the popular “Kapelusz” Exhibition Hall is a multifunctional facility. Apart from the international flower exhibitions (held in spring and autumn), it plays host to a multitude of cyclical events such as conferences and symposiums, industry-specific fairs, sporting and educational events, as well as traditional feasts and concerts.

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