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The Large Dance Circle

KRAG 06The Large Dance Circle along with the bandstand was completed in 1952. It is the central point of the park's festival zone which included the two smaller dance circles and several arbors. The Large Dance Circle is one of the most distinctive spots in the Silesia Park. Located at the Maple Alley it is an outstanding example of the 1950s social-realism architecture. Sandstone steps lead up from the alley to the circle.

The entrance to the circle itself is guarded by two large sculptures of dancing figures in folk costumes. The surface of the circle impresses with it's 1590m2 and a diameter of 30m. Behind and above the circle a dome sitting on seven tall columns is located. The entire area is surrounded by a stone gallery with benches for the audience. In the recent years the Circle audience witnessed several unprecedented events. In the summer of 2011, the Teatr Rozrywki in Chorzów performed an open-air version of the famous musical „Jesus Christ Superstar".

The Summer Energy Music Festival was held at the Large Dance Circle. Salsa and aerobic summer Sundays have been organized for the last 4 years. In the winter, the Large Dance Circle was converted into a free ice-rink.


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