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Silesian Amusement Park

MYN  03Opened on September 12th 1959 until today happens to be the largest amusement park in Poland. Set on 26 hectares surrounding a huge pond, the Silesia Amusement Park offers a variety of attractions as well as numerous bars and cafes. One of park's main attractions is the Big Planes – a giant carrousel 30m high. Each of the 6 aircrafts seats up to 10 people and is attached to cables over 20m long.

The angle at which the aircrafts circulate at 80 km/h is big enough to simulate a real flight. Another "must do" is the ride on the Big Star ring. With a diameter of 40m, it is the biggest ferris wheel in Poland. Having reached the top (45m high) in one of the 36 gondolas, enjoy the magnificent view of the entire park and it's surroundings including the centre of Katowice. The rollercoaster serves up to 24 passengers per each 1 minute 40 seconds ride. The Silesia Amusement Park welcomes you every day between May and October.

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