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For runners

The total length of all Silesia Park alleys, roads and paths exceeds 700 kilometers. Most of them are friendly for runners, Nordic walkers. Some of them are also friendly for cyclists and roller skaters. You will also find two running routes certified by the Polish Athletics Federation.

Route: 15km

This route covers a 5 km loop. It starts at the „Kapelusz" Exhibition Hall, leads down the General Ziętek Promenade, Scout Alley, Łania Alley, back to Gen. Ziętek Promenade, past the ZOO and back to the „Kapelusz" Exhibition Hall.

Route: 21km 97m

This route goes around the park. It starts and finishes at the „Kapelusz" Exhibition Hall and goes along the Gen. Ziętek Promenade and the Forest Alley.


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