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For Tourists

PARK 0104Silesia Park is a perfect, all-year-round destination for nature lovers, tourist attractions hunters, sport & fitness fans and all those who appreciate and enjoy any kind of outdoor activity. No matter which of the 7 entrances to the park you choose you will always find yourself surrounded by beautiful trees, picturesque meadows and thousands of flowers. During the winter time you will discover how relaxing it may be to come for a walk to experience peace and quiet in the park desolate and covered by snow.

Choose one of the 7 entrances to the park:


1.Main Alley (from Chorzowska Street)


2.Scout Alley (from the roundabout at Parkowa Street – near the AKS shopping centre)


3.Planetarium Alley (from Bytkowska Street – near the TV tower)


4.General Zietek Promenade (from Złota Street)


5.Access Alley (from Złota Street – near the Rope Park)


6.Giraffe Alley (from Chorzowska Street)


7.Maple Alley (from Siemianowicka Street)


Main Alley (Chorzowska Street) – the entrance is located next to the tram stop and the tunnel linking the park with the huge Millenium quarter. Be ready for a fee if you want to drive in. Leave your car approx 500m down the road at the parking area near the Pelicans - a sculpture near the intersection with Gen. Zietek Promenade. Close to the Main Alley entrance you will find the dog park – the only place in Silesia Park where dogs are allowed to run freely without leashes. Walking down the Main Alley you will find the Kamienny Kasztel (Stone Castle) restaurant on your left. Reaching the intersection with Gen. Zietek Promenade near the Pelican sculpture, you may turn left and walk along the Big Pond to the Silesian Stadium, Elka cable car terminal and the Skaut Hotel.

Otherwise turn right and walk along Gen. Zientek Promenade close to "Kapelusz"(The Hat) Exhibition Hall, outdoor fitness center and the "Fishermen Village" restaurant. Going further you will get to the Rosarium followed by the ZOO main gate and the "Rebel Garden" coffee shop. At the very end of the promenade you will reach Zlota Street and find the Amusement Park gate, the Elka cable car terminal and the Rope Park. The promenade is admired for the numerous flower-beds and the giant Mosquito sculpture you can't miss while walking from the ZOO to the Amusement Park. Back to the Pelicans intersection at the Main Alley, you may also walk straight ahead and cross the bridge over the stream linking the Big Pond with the Regatta Channel. Near the "Marysin Dwor" (Mary's Court) restaurant you may continue straight uphill towards the Planetarium. You may also turn left and walk along the Maple Alley. Passing by the Large Dance Circle with the Big Pond on your left continue your walk for another 400 meters. Then turn slightly right into the forest and keep walking several hundred meters uphill to reach the picturesque neighborhood of "Łania" (The Hind) restaurant, the open-air Silesian Sculpture Gallery and "Leśniczówka" (The Forester's Shelter) rock-blues club.

 Scout Alley – enter the park from Parkowa Street roundabout near the AKS shopping center and be ready for a fee if you want to drive in. You will find the Silesian Ethnographic Park museum on your left. The Scout Hotel and restaurant are located 400 meters further down the alley. You can't miss the giant Silesia Stadium on your right and the Elka cable car terminal next to it. There is also a hotel, restaurant and a conference center at the stadium. Keep going straight ahead, cross the Gen. Zietek Promenade and get to the intersection with Maple Avenue. Turn right and walk (no entry for cars) along the Big Pond to the Main Alley. Turning left (cars allowed) and walking/driving uphill you will get to "Łania" restaurant and the open-air Silesian Sculpture Gallery. While traveling uphill don't miss the Musicians' Alley (on your left) which will lead you to the "Leśniczówka" Music Club.

Planetarium Alley – enter the park from Bytkowska Street intersection, close to TV tower and be ready for a fee if you want to drive in. On your left, several hundred meters from the entrance you will find the Villa Gardena restaurant. One kilometer from the entrance you will find the Silesian Planetarium visitor's parking area. On your way to the planetarium have a look at a beautiful pond - the home of wild birds and rare amphibians. Right in front of the Planetarium you will find the monument of planetarium's patron – Nicolaus Copernicus.

Access Alley – enter the park from Zlota Street and be ready for a fee if you want to drive in and park your car at the gate to the Silesian Rope Park. Walk straight ahead to reach the narrow-track train station. In the summertime the train operates between the ZOO and the Amusement Park.

Giraffe Alley – walk into the park from Chorzowska Street. This entrance is ideal for the visitors arriving at the park by tram or public bus. Start your walk at the foot of the famous Giraffe – one of the Silesia Park's most distinctive symbols which recently acquired a historic monument status. While walking towards the Silesia ZOO main gate have a look at the Seals sculpture set on a lovely flower-bed. Further down, on the left you will reach the entrance to the Rosarium. Arriving at the ZOO gate stop for a cup of coffee at the Rebel Garden Club on your left.

Maple Alley – enter the park from Siemianowicka Street. The vast Horse Meadow will appear on your right and the Hutnik Pond on your left. Keep walking along the Maple Avenue until you reach the Scout Alley.





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