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Silesian Stadium

stadionThe Silesia Stadium is one of park's oldest and most popular facilities. It was designed in the early 50-ties by Julian Stefan Brzuchowski – eminent architect and football referee. Construction of the stadium took 6 years. The opening event – football match between Poland and East Germany - was held on July 22nd,1956.

The unbeaten record attendance was achieved on September 16th,1963 when 120 000 fans witnessed the European cup match between Górnik Zabrze and Austria Vienna. Over the past decades, the Silesia Stadium hosted a multitude of legendary sport and music events. World's biggest football stars played here: Alfredo di Stefano (1959), Pele (1960) and Johann Cruyff (1975).

The stadium also hosted many international track-and-field events as well as the cyclists competing in the famous Peace Race. In 1973 Silesia Stadium audience witnessed an unexpected victory of the Polish rider Jerzy Szczakiel in the World Speedway Championship final race. The Silesian Stadium arena is also considered to be the Poland's rock-music capital. The world's mega rock stars like AC/DC, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones, U2, Sting and Genesis performed here in front of multi-thousand happy crowds. For the last 4 years the stadium has been totally reconstructed according to the modern standards. By 2016 it will be roofed. Brand new grand stands construction will be completed and over 55 thousand new seats, modern illumination, audio and security systems will be installed.

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